Learning Theories

An interactive graph of learning theories: "The interactive graphic below will definitely help you clear out the cloud over any confusion resulting from misunderstanding a learning theory, it will also set out clear boundaries and demarcate territories for learning theory. Besides summarizing all the important learning theories together with their learning paradigms , this graphic is also hyperlinked and embeds links to several other equally important resources."

Teaching Math and Science

A list of healpful resources for math and science teachers.

UCDS Spark

The Spark project is a trove of curriculum resources for teachers and parents of early learners created by educators at Seattle's University Child Development School who inspire each other to reflect, to question, and eagerly share new ideas about teaching.


Physics Education researchers at the University of Colorado have produced a collection of interactive on-line simulations, many of them solidly in the areas where math and physics intersect. In particular, their elementary school collection provides some nifty fraction practice.

Math Geared for Girls

Girls' Angle - "A Math Club for Girls". Of paricular interest are the videos and bimonthly bulletin.

On Teaching and Learning

An ongoing conversation about assessment, teaching and learning in general, and, more specifically, about higher education and the community and technical colleges of Washington State. Visit the blog here.

Teacher Tips and Games

Explorations in Math has come out with their new teaching resource - a great collection of games, best practices and activities for mathematical skill building. The games included in this packet are proven favorites towards getting students' attention, focusing students on math, and putting them in a positive frame of mind prior to starting the math lesson. Download the resource, and try it yourself!

Teacher Resources @ Learner.Org

A great set of free videos demonstrating the style of teaching that we talk about. This resource bank is built and maintained by Annenberg Media Learner.Org to facilitate the teaching of mathematics and to foster the idea of healthy, interactive teaching methods, through concrete examples. Please visit the website of Learner.Org and access the Teacher Resources to know more.

Illuminations: Resources for Teaching Math

A great set of resources built and compiled by National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) to facilitate the teaching of mathematics at pre K-12 level. Illuminations is designed to Provide Standards-based resources that improve the teaching and learning of mathematics for all students, and provide materials that illuminate the vision for school mathematics set forth in Principles and Standards for School Mathematics. Illuminate your teaching of Mathematics.

Toolkit for Change

A website set up by the Mathematics Assessment Resource Service (MARS) to provide an incredible array of resources for leaders in mathematics, sorted into Challenges, Strategies and tools, with many links in each category. Visit the Toolkit for Change website to know more.

Math Games for Home and Classroom

A compendium of games that children and parents can enjoy and that support mathematics learning. Visit the Math Games and Activities webpage to access the games.

Geometry Playground

Geometry Playground is a free ruler and compass Java application for multiple geometries, conceived and created by Daniel (deej) Heath and Joshua Jacobs. Visit the Geometry Playground webpage.

Learning Math

What's MATH Got To Do With It?

This readable new book by Jo Boaler cuts through the opaque verbiage and the polemics to ask the important questions and give answers based on research in real classrooms. She aims to give guidance to parents, teachers and policy-makers struggling with how to teach math in the United States. Visit Jo Boaler's Home Page or view the Interview with Jo Boaler on NPR's The Morning Show to know more.


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