Teaching and Learning Mathematics

The goal of this book, written by Dr. Jerry Johnson, Professor of Mathematics, Western Washington University, is to provide a research based overview of the potential and challenges of teaching quality mathematics (K-12). Click here to get the PDF version of the document.

Math is More

As the importance of mathematical and quantitative thinking increases, we must become more focused as a nation on providing our children a better mathematical education. This website discusses how the system of mathematics education must reflect the growth of the subject. Visit www.mathismore.net.

Adding It Up

This is a report written for the National Research Council. The conclusions are based on a careful review of the research literature of Mathematics teaching and learning. The 14 page Executive Summary provides an excellent concise overview. Click here to read the article.

Key Understandings in Mathematics Learning

In 2007, the Nuffield Foundation commissioned a team from the University of Oxford to review the available research literature on how children learn mathematics. The resulting review is presented in a series of eight papers. Click here to read the papers and visit www.nuffieldfoundation.org to know more.

Combination Of Old And New Media Deepens Mathematical Understanding

By combining the trusty old book, pen and paper with the possibilities offered by the computer and the interactive whiteboard, information and communication technologies (ICT) can help to improve students' understanding in maths education. So conclude a team of researchers led by Koeno Gravemeijer and Paul Drijvers from the Freudenthal Institute for Science and Mathematics Education (Utrecht University). Click here to read the article on Science Daily.


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