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Here are some editorials and essays whose messages seem important to us.

  • Teaching Me About Teaching
  • Testing Mandates Flunk Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Bridging Differences - "Deborah Meier and Diane Ravitch have found themselves at odds on policy over the years, but they share a passion for improving schools. Bridging Differences will offer their insights on what matters most in education."
  • Editorial: More on the Scarlet Letter Frenzy
  • "Last week, the New York State Court of Appeals ruled that teachers' individual performance assessments could be made public. I have no opinion on the ruling as a matter of law, but as a harbinger of education policy in the United States, it is a big mistake." Read the full article - Shame Is Not The Solution
  • "My two children, ages 14 and 11, attend their local public schools, and have since kindergarten. Why do I send my children to public schools?" Read the full article - Why I Send My Children to Public Schools
  • Explorations in Math: Math Matters Blog
  • "The US ranks much worse than most of our economic competitors in the mathematics performance of high school students. Many attempts have been made to improve this dismal performance, but none have worked ... Those attempts have all focused on improving basic math skills. In contrast, the emphasis should be elsewhere." - says Keith Devlin. In his opinion - "Mathematics is a way of thinking about problems and issues in the world. Get the thinking right and the skills come largely for free." Read the full article - In Math You Have to Remember, In Other Subjects You Can Think About It. Follow Devlin's monthly column at MAA - Devlin's Angle.
  • Earn a Grad Degree and enjoy the 'Master's Bump' on your teaching paychecks. May not be the same in near future. Will it be wise for the schools to change the system and "why would your institution be promoting such a thesis—one contrary to its own best interests?" -  Patricia Wasley & Marguerite Roza write in the Education Week about the pros and cons of this decision. Read the article - The 'Master's Pay Bump': Why Ending It Shouldn't Frighten Ed. Schools
  • "Mathematicians, it seems to me, have a special responsibility to be careful in how they speak to the lay public. Everybody knows that even the best knowledge in other fields is subject to revision, but that mathematics is different." - Bill Marsh, the Guest Columnist at Seattle Pi, writes about his views on Mathematiscs Education and related rigidities. Read the article - Guest Columnist: Speaking math to the lay public


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