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Dave Gardner, Head Teacher, Explorations in Math
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NOTE: When played at the beginning of a math period, many of the games and activities that follow serve three important purposes: they get students’ attention, they focus students on math, and the game/activity puts students in a positive frame of mind prior to starting the math lesson.

Addition Bingo (STRAND: Number Sense-Addition):

Pass out 4x4 grids to students (16 squares total), or have students fold a piece of paper twice the hot dog way and twice the hamburger way). Instruct students to put down any numbers from 0 to 20 in each of the squares. The same number cannot be used more than once. The instructor calls out addition problems from flash cards but does not say the answer. If the student has the answer on his or her card, the student marks out the box or places a marker on the number until there is a bingo. The instructor should write down the answers to the problems to make sure the winning students answered correctly.

Cross the Line (STRAND: Number Sense-computation):

Students line up facing the teacher. The teacher says, “Cross the line if____”. If the students agree, they cross to the line on the other side. If they do not agree, they stay put. For example, if the teacher says, “Cross the line if one plus one equals three,” students have to decide whether to cross or stay put. Any student who crosses when she shouldn’t (or fails to cross when she should) sits down. Continue until one person is left. As students are eliminated, make problems more challenging.

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